Boeing resumed test-fatal airliner, the 737 MAX while new claims

the Pilots of the Federal office of civil aviation USA began test flights on the Boeing 737 MAX for the certification required for commercial operations.

last year, due to a malfunction in the program of this new liner in two plane crashes have killed hundreds of people. It turned out that the certification audit was conducted with violations and simplistic. Planes of this model was grounded around the world, and the Boeing Corporation was faced with financial and reputational losses, the biggest in its history. The airline previously ordered this new and it seems to be the ultra-modern airliner, began to abandon it.

the First flight of the Boeing 737 MAX, which have begun to decline since March of 2019, the planned route “to Seattle – Moses lake” in the United States. On the same day it became known about the new lawsuit against the Corporation.

the Norwegian airline Norwegian Air has cancelled an order for the purchase of 92 aircraft, the Boeing 737 MAX and five Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In the lawsuit, the Norwegians are demanding from Boeing money and compensation for the forced suspension of the operation of aircraft 737 MAX and malfunction in the engine drugog airliner – the Boeing 787, told Reuters.

At the end of 2019 the production of fatal airliner to a halt, and several months later resumed.

But in may 2020, the refusal of airline orders Boeing continued and included 14 of the 737 MAX.

Despite the resumption of the Assembly, liners 737 MAX, Boeing announced massive layoffs — about 12 thousand employees of the company.