Bolshunov has won ski pursuit race

Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov has become the winner of the pursuit of prestigious tournament “Tour de Ski”, which takes place in the Italian Toblach. A distance of 15 kilometers, the Russian overcame 38 minutes 14.9 seconds.

it is Noteworthy race Bolshunov started third but was able to beat ahead of his opponents and snatch victory. Second place went to another representative of Russia Sergey Ustyugov, behind compatriot in 13.7 seconds. Closed the top three Finn YIVO Niskanen. He is behind the winner of 24.8 seconds.

Note also that in the Top 10 of the race also includes two more Russian skier: Artem Maltsev and Ivan Akimochkin, who took fourth and ninth place respectively. Andrey Melnichenko finished in 17th place, Denis Spicav – 18.