Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexander Fomin commented on the statement of former US presidential Advisor for homeland security John Bolton that supposedly from China increased threat. The Deputy Minister said that an American politician is a banal “distortion” of the facts.

Fomin said that Russia does not consider the threat of missile program of China. Also, it is not considered as the cause for the destruction of the INF Treaty.

the Deputy Minister said that John Bolton strategic partnership between Russia and China currently have achieved the highest level in the history of the relationship, causing heartburn.

Alexander Fomin said that the former adviser of the us President in his memoirs, distorts information on the dialogue with the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. According to him, in the practice of negotiation is not accepted to disclose the content of confidential proceedings without consent of the other party.

defense Ministry spokesman denied the words of Bolton that Russia has allegedly agreed with the loss of relevance of the INF Treaty. According to him, Moscow considers the exit of Washington from this agreement are pre-planned, and accusations of the Russian side are groundless.

Alexander Fomin said that the responsibility for the collapse of the INF Treaty lies entirely on US. The Deputy Minister believes that Washington is coming out of international treaties with the purpose of gaining military dominance, reports “Interfax”.

According to Fomin, due to the position of the United States are threatened the agreements on open skies, as well as on the reduction of strategic offensive weapons.

the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range can be called one of the pillars of the global system for strategic global impact. He collapsed after the US in August of 2019 to get out of it. Washington has accused in its decision of Moscow. In the United States believe that Russia was developed and tested prohibited missiles. In Moscow, in turn, deniedthis information, because the missile has a permitted range. As for China, it was not a party to the INF Treaty.