Book festival

held In Moscow book festival “Red square”. The program includes meetings with authors, performances, theatrical and musical performances. According to the organizers, the event is held with observance of all security measures. So, for example, limit the number of visitors, and session times must be pre-booked online. Thus on the eve of the opening day, the fair was visited by the maximum number of guests — 6 thousand people.

to get to Red square, you have to pass not only through the metal detector, but also by the thermal imager. Input — only masks and gloves. For the first time at the book festival in the heart of the capital you need to register in advance. But the constant guests of the event these restrictions were understanding.

In General, the book festival “Red square-2020” from the events of the previous years is no different. Dozens of events daily, among the participants — more than 200 publishers. Writer Zakhar Prilepin arrived at Red square two hours before his meeting with readers.

Pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 delayed the release of his new book “the name of the river”. According to the author, the events of recent months, is not deprived of its relevance. The fair writer has come out with three packages of books.

2020 could become the anniversary of Joseph Brodsky and Mike Naumenko. Both on the second day of the festival was devoted to lectures, presentations, online concerts. And of course the center of attention — the anniversary of the great Victory.

the Actress and TV presenter Oksana Fedorova presented the book “Little heroes of the big war.” It is 75 stories of children who fought with the enemy during the great Patriotic war.

“We know a few heroes — Valya Kotik, Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya — and that our knowledge ends, she says. — And after all children have made incredible stories! Arkady Kamanin was 14 years old already rose into the air as a combat pilot. Peter klypa defended the Brest fortress".

Only for the first day of the book festival was visited by nearly 6 thousand visitors. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus had to refuse entry to children under 7 years of age and people over 65. But they will be able to take part in the festival: most of the lectures, workshops and presentations broadcast on the Internet.