Borisov spoke about the

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov outlined the development priorities of the Russian space industry. As said Borisov, “Interfax” on Saturday after a visit to the company “Information satellite systems them. academician M. F. Reshetnev” Zheleznogorsk, for the serial production of missiles and spacecraft manufacture should be cost-effective. Industry needs a clear policy, said Deputy Prime Minister, which should be based on the principles of unification and standardization of solutions.

“Is the “Achilles heel” of the industry today,” — said Borisov.

Borisov explained that the task of leadership of the Roscosmos is to find a real way of healing, because all of the ability “proud space industry” are present.

the Deputy Prime Minister said that in the 1990s the industry was going through difficult times, which were characterized by a lack of funds and the passion of the Western elemental components. Anti-Russian sanctions recent years, lead to the shutdown or relocation of operations.

“All the things you need to consider and counter, to hedge these risks,” — said Borisov.