Born in Moscow Cetinjski stronger and will soon be home

In the Center of family planning and reproduction health Department of the capital was born of the quadruplets – three boys and one girl. About a month neonatologists of the center was watching the children and helping them to get stronger, now with the kids all right, and soon they will be home.

the Parents named their kids Mary, Daniel, Matthew and Arseny.

According to world statistics, this occurs very seldom: one pregnancy for 700 thousand.

the press service of the Moscow health Department reported that the woman had a scheduled C-section.

Weight babies — from 1790 to 1990 grams, which for a multiple pregnancy, the normal rate. Immediately after birth they were placed in the Department of nursing of newborns, where they could be together with his mother.

the chief Physician of the Center for family planning and reproduction, Moscow Department of health Oleg Latyshevich told me that there is expertise and technology that allow doctors to nurse newborns with extremely low body weight — 500 grams, according to RIA Novosti.

every year in this clinic, care for not less than one and a half thousand newborns.