Both houses of the British Parliament approved the bill on Brexit

Both houses of the British Parliament approved the draft law on British exit from the European Union. According to Sky News, the House of lords had to approve the document prepared by the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as previously approved by the House of Commons.

Now the document must approve the Queen Elizabeth II. It is expected that the monarch will sign it before the end of this week. Then the document has to be ratified by the European Parliament.

the House of Commons approved the agreement on withdrawal from the EU on 9 January. In the lower house of the British Parliament voted for the document 330 deputies, against were 231 MP.

the United Kingdom should withdraw from the EU in March 2019, however, the date of “Breccia” was repeatedly postponed. Parliamentarians could not agree on the deal with Brussels, implying a transition period, during which the UK should remain part of the customs Union and the single market of the EU. Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated that he is ready to lead the country out of the EU without a deal.

Now the country should leave the European Union at the end of the current month.