Both the capital took a new temperature heights

In Moscow, the air temperature in the shade had reached 30 degrees Celsius. Broken another temperature record, this time 45 years ago. Weather forecasters promise that in the evening breathing in the city becomes easier, the sun will tighten clouds, in places will pass rains.

somewhere in the capital, the rain has passed, and some residents took video fell from the sky hail.

As the channel “Russia 24”, the hot weather is waiting for residents of the capital region on Friday, June 19. Besides atmospheric front will bring to Moscow a short but strong thunderstorms. This weekend Muscovites expect a respite from the heat: the temperature drops by 10 degrees.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, set a second consecutive daily temperature record. In the afternoon of 18 June, the air is warmed up to 32.1 degrees, reports TASS. Previous high was reached in 1905, when this day was 31.3 degree Celsius.

on the Eve of the St. Petersburg recorded the first temperature record this summer: June 17 was the warmest day for all history of weather observations. The temperature went up to 27.7 degrees, blocking the absolute maximum of 115-year-old.