Bought almost all the United States left Europe without a cure COVID-19

“because Of the American protectionism we are in the tail of the queue” — this is the reaction of European epidemiologists on the behavior of America, which concluded with the producer of “Ramdevpir” (the cure cov) deal and bought almost the world’s entire supply. Farmkompanii too, its benefits are not missed — the price of the drug is inflated by 10-15 times, which automatically excludes poor countries. And the rich are not yet able to produce equivalent, because the drug is protected by U.S. patent.

British virologists are concerned about the actions of the administration of Donald trump, which even in the fight against the pandemic operates on the principle and bought almost the entire three-month supply of the drug “Ramdevpir”. In the US, this drug is approved to combat coronavirus.

a Researcher from the University of Liverpool, Andrew hill believes that as a result, Europe was left without a “Ramdevpir”.

“the United States bought almost all the stocks — 100 percent of the available inventory in July and 90 percent in August and September,” — said the senior researcher, University of Liverpool, Andrew hill.

In the United States came to the conclusion that the use of this medicine allows to reduce the duration of treatment by about a third. The drug produces an American company Gilead, which now earns its production of fabulous money — one vial costs $ 390. The five-day course of treatment costs about two and a half thousand dollars, while the cost of the drug low — $ 1.

“Production dose costs only 1 dollar. Treatment requires only 1 gram of this drug, besides its recipe is quite simple,” said Andrew hill.

the US Government has purchased from 500 thousand doses, despite the fact that the drug has not yet passed the test of the us office of quality supervision food and drug administration. It is expected that in the coming days, evrokomissiiI’m officially allowed the use of “Ramdevpir”. Some European countries this drug is already stocked.

Gilead is ready to increase production of the drug to be enough at all. In the extreme case, some countries may suspend the patent of this us company, taking advantage of the right compulsory licenses and formally purchasing it, the generics. Large stocks of “Ramdevpir” might not be necessary, as it was in his time with the much-touted Tamiflu, the purchase of which has spent billions around the world. The cure, incidentally, was also developed by Gilead. So it’s not how many USA purchase drugs, and how they behave in conditions of global crisis.

the Administration trump has already tried to buy up vaccine development the French company Sanofi and CureVac, a German. The US has invested billions of dollars into the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical firm, hoping to obtain from her the first 300 million doses developed by the Oxford vaccines. Testing should be completed this summer. The United States does not hide the fact that they intend to protect only themselves and treat their partners as a residual.