Breakthrough of domestic tourism: 20 million Russians re-discover Russia

at least 20 million Russians in 2020 will rest for the summer season at resorts within the country. The figure came on June 29 Cabinet meeting, one of the themes of which was the recovery of the tourism industry. The day after tomorrow guests will start to take more than 70 regions. Tour operators in several times increased the number of bundled offers, and the prices now considerably lower than last year. Visitors will find not only beaches, but also museums, river cruise ships and ancient shrines that had been closed for several months.

In the mirror of the water reflected the blue sky, fresh ploughshare glistening domes of the Church. Restoration completed, after 40 years of silence to resume the service.

“I’m 22 years wanted to be here — says a tourist from St. Petersburg Vera Zaporowska. But it didn’t work out, a vacation spent in Europe.”

Kizhi meet tourists not only masterpieces of architecture, the pier installation with an antibacterial solution. Guides groups larger than five are not collected.

“to keep your distance, we use the loudspeaker and microphone,” says about safety precautions during a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 specialist educational activities of the Museum-reserve “Kizhi” Alexander Filimonov.

the Museum-reserve earned 10 Jun — regions gradually open the tourist season.

“Since July 1, more than 70 of the regions will be able to receive tourists. In General, the demand for the services of the tourism industry begins to grow, — said at the meeting, Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin. — But the download accommodation facilities in Russia it ranges from 20 to 30 percent, and to accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector, we included it in the list of affected industries.”

Russians are ready to leave. Each following week are booked three times more active than the previous one. While within July, often within the boundaries of the region. And the prices are the same as last year, and inthen even lower.

“Wear the mask! I wish you a good journey in our submarine”, invites the Kaliningrad Museum.

In the bow to come down, while from the stern will not rise: a safe distance on a submarine is measured compartments. Kaliningrad this year expected among the five best-selling tourist destinations. A real breakthrough in 2020 became the Altai Republic. Buryatia. Khakassia. There for the first time flew charters.

“They were expensive, individual, exotic. There is only the ticket cost 35-40 thousand rubles, — says about domestic tours Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze. Now tour for a week costs as much if we take, for example, Buryatia. This opportunity to visit lake Baikal, with the possibility of an incredible tour of the program.”

Vacation in his native country this year will spend more than 20 million Russians. Versailles near Moscow — Arkhangelsk — have to greet the guests.

“last Saturday was 7,500 people. This is an absolute record,” — says the Deputy Director of the Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk” Amulanga Ukurova.

the Museum-estates beckon and shady parks and stunning palaces. The Archangel is a unique exhibition of carriages. One with the first rotary wheels, XVIII century. Gilded crew belonged to Catherine II. Amazing discovery!

“More good news — 15 July open cinema. We see that all the organization of leisure and rest really are going through a period of expansion, Renaissance. We see the enthusiasm of the workers in the field of tourism, sports and culture. People really miss the work and finally return to normal life”, — said Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko.

In the historical Museum — disinfection before the opening.

the Unusually empty halls are being prepared to live by new rules — electrictional tickets, sessions on schedule. The work is not massive, but safe.

“For visitors to create unique opportunities — it’s a luxury tour. An elite group of 3-5 people” — emphasizes the exclusivity of such a tour by the Director of the State historical Museum Alexei Levykin.

Finally get to peer into the treasures of the Museum from carved personally by Peter the great cups of gold before the Olympics-80.

Three and a half months without visitors — this, of course, was never. Even during the great Patriotic war history Museum is closed only 8 days — changed the window after the bombing.

Then, during the war years, the Museum has collected objects that became a exhibition, which opens July 1 — “Soldiers in white coats”. Conceived the exhibition last year, and now added PPE (or personal protection) — a symbol of the present time.