The German delegation at the Dressage World Championships in Denmark will not protest despite the ride of a corona-infected Brit. “No, we won’t do that,” said team boss Klaus Roeser on Monday morning. “That’s not our style, it’s sporty.” Without the result of the infected Gareth Hughes, the Brits would not have finished second behind Denmark in Herning on Sunday evening, but Germany.

British team-mate Richard Davison made Hughes’ infection public on Sunday evening and said at the press conference after his team’s silver medal: “He has Covid.” Roeser said: “We didn’t know that. We only found out about it then.” For him, the approach of the British rider, who was also on the podium at the award ceremony, was a “human disappointment”.

Hughes was absent from the press conference, which led to inquiries. A spokeswoman for the British team then said: “According to the applicable laws, he does not have to be in quarantine.” All the rules were observed. “He kept his distance from everyone,” she explained. The procedure had been agreed with the organizer.

The world association FEI only found out “during the press conference after the medal ceremony” that Gareth Hughes had tested positive for Covid,” said a spokeswoman. She added: “Denmark currently has no government Covid-19 restrictions and no requirements for Covid testing when entering the country.”

The FEI had only “issued medical advice to the national federations and their athletes to reduce the risk of infection and protect the athletes”.