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British intelligence agencies suggest operators to store equipment Huawei

British intelligence agencies suggest operators to store equipment Huawei

British intelligence advised the operators to maintain sufficient stocks of Huawei equipment, fearing that the new US sanctions will undermine the ability of Chinese firms to supply, said in a letter obtained by Reuters.

In January, the UK limited the role of Huawei in projects to build 5G networks, but the Prime Minister Boris Johnson since then has again been under pressure from Washington and some lawmakers in his own party who claim that the company’s equipment poses a risk to security. Huawei has repeatedly denied those charges.

Officials of the National cybersecurity center (NCSC) is currently studying the effect announced in may, the United States of measures designed to limit the ability of Huawei to receive a modern microchips is necessary for the production of equipment and 5G flagship smartphones.

the British secret service wrote last week to operators, including British BT Group and Vodafone, saying that they need to maintain an adequate volume postawko spare parts from all manufacturers.

But the letter also highlighted an increased risk for the equipment of Huawei and uncertainty about the future ability to provide for the updating of these products in the face of pressure from the United States.

“Obespechenie ensure that the products and features supported by up to date is essential to maintaining network security,” — said in the letter. “The escalation of US actions against Huawei may affect it [Huawei — ed.] the ability to provide updates for products that contain American technology.”

In January, the UK has awarded Huawei the status of “high risk” supplier, limiting its market share 5G at 35% and eliminating it from part of the network with large amount of data.

Officials now say they consider specific recommendations for razortipthe creation of Huawei equipment, to ensure maximum safety of the British networks, and consider a number of options. The decision should be made in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, tormented us sanctions Huawei will build on the UK scientific issledovatelskiy center worth 400 million pounds (494,24 million dollars). Unless, of course, Chinese companies will be allowed. According to Reuters, to authorize the construction of the center in the village of Sawston can give this week.

the Facility, located 11 miles from Cambridge, will be built for research and development of chips for use in broadband communications, the report said.

the District of South Cambridgeshire Council is recommended to approve the request of the company in full, according to the newspaper Sunday Times.