English men’s football is facing a turning point. In the future, an independent authority will monitor that the clubs on the island are doing solid business – from the Premier League down to the fifth division. This is a plan by the British government that is to be presented this Thursday. The government is following the recommendation of a fan-led investigation. This was a reaction to the collapse of two lower-class clubs due to financial mismanagement.

“These bold new plans will put fans back at the heart of football, protect the rich heritage and traditions of our beloved clubs and preserve the beautiful game for generations to come,” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The Premier League announced that it wants to examine the plans, which provide for a corresponding licensing system and various control mechanisms. It is crucial that the regulation does not harm the game, the league must remain attractive for investors.

Recently, reports had caused a stir that the Qataris wanted to buy Manchester United, but also talks with Tottenham Hotspur President Daniel Levi about a potential stake in the traditional London club. QSI is also said to have taken a closer look at Liverpool FC.

The plan to set up supervision is also a reaction to the failed attempt by a total of twelve top European clubs to found a Super League in 2021. The six top English teams involved quickly abandoned the idea after fierce opposition from fans and the government.

Should an independent body monitor the Premier League in the future, the government could also prevent teams from participating in competitive formats such as the Super League. In addition, clubs would have to obtain regulatory approval for any sale or relocation of a stadium; Owners and investors would also be screened.