Brodsky - 80: Arbenina, That Vasiliev will open a Museum of the poet online-the marathon

Poet, Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky may 24, would have turned 80 years old.

on this day in St. Petersburg was planned opening of the Museum of the poet in the Muruzi house, where he lived with my parents from 1955 to 1972 and from where they subsequently went into exile. But pandemic has made adjustments. Everyone will be able to visit the Museum virtual live.

Historian and chief editor of the portal Paul Kotlyar said that there will be a gala concert, which will be attended by Diana, Basta, Alexander Vasiliev, Noize MC, Billy’s Band and many others. Also broadcast for the first time will show footage from the documentary “Part of Speech. 2020”, where favorite poems Brodsky reads his close friends and relatives: the widow of the poet Maria misses sozzani was the daughter of Anna Brodskaya, Mikhail Baryshnikov and many others.

According to Pavel Kotlyar, the Museum is conceived as a house-Museum, where there will be traditional for such places prohibitions. This space should be “alive”, which will host film screenings, a concert, exhibitions, meetings and lectures that will be devoted not only to Joseph Brodsky.

the Future poet was born в1940 year in Leningrad in the family of the captain of the Soviet Navy and the accountant. V1942 year after the siege of winter, the mother of little Joseph leaves him in the evacuation in Cherepovets, in his native city, the family returned only in 1944. At the age of 14, Brodsky decided to go to Maritime school, but it was not accepted. In the 15 years he still throws in school and entered the factory apprentice Miller. After that, there have been many attempts to find his place – Stoker in the boiler room, a sailor on the lighthouse, dissected the corpses, wanting to become a doctor. At 17 he entered the service in geological exploration expedition work. All the free time, Brodsky was devoted to reading.

In recognition of the poet, his first poems he wrote at age 18. At about this time, he met with a group of Leningrad poets, including Yevgeny rein, Anatoly Naiman, and later with Anna Akhmatova and Lydia Chukovskaya.

Pretty quickly verses of the young author, resonate with lovers of poetry. But the identity of Brodsky’s haunted power, they are always concerned comrades from the KGB. In the autumn of 1963 in the newspaper “Evening Leningrad” appeared the article “literature-related drone”, which the authors accused the young poet of parasitism and “parasitic lifestyle.” After a few months, Brodsky was arrested and sentenced to five years (the maximum term for parasitism with hard labour, in the North). The punishment he was serving in the village in the Arkhangelsk region.

This situation has forced some concerned artists, among them were Dmitry Shostakovich, Samuel Marshak, Korney Chukovsky, Konstantin Paustovsky, Alexander Tvardovsky and others, to write a letter in support of Iosif Brodsky. This has helped the poet to be released a year and a half. But it was while serving the sentence in the Arkhangelsk village the poet is internationally known abroad began to publish his poems.

After the exile, Brodsky went to work as a translator in Leningrad branch of the Union of Soviet writers. It would seem that things would improve, but it became obvious that the Soviet Union no longer publish the poems. After a few years he was stripped of his citizenship and in fact in the form of an ultimatum proposed to emigrate to Israel. June 4, 1972, the poet leaving for Vienna.

In July 1972, Brodsky arrived in the USA, where for several years intermittently teaches at the University of Michigan history of Russian literature, theory of verse, and other subjects, not having higher education (secondary education he received in school for working youth).

After five years of living in the US, Brodsky gets American citizenship. He became a regular participant of literary festivals and poetry readings in the U.S. and Europe, his books are published in the USA in the Russian language and are incredibly popular all over the world. He travels a lot, teaches not only in America but in the UK, is literary translation into Russian and English.

In 1987 Brodsky was awarded the Nobel prize for literature with the wording “for a comprehensive literary work, characterized by clarity of thought and poetic intensity”. In the same year for the first time since the exile of the poet in the Soviet magazine “New world” was published his poems. At that time the name of Brodsky was practically unknown to the wide circle of readers in the USSR. At this wave, two years later, he was rehabilitated with the formulation “absence of structure of an administrative offense”.

In 1991, Brodsky was awarded the honorary title “Poet laureate of the Library of Congress”, and in 1995 honorary citizen of St. Petersburg. But at home, the poet never returned. He died of sudden cardiac arrest in the night of 28 January 1996 in new York. In 1997 he was reburied in Venice.

According to the company “Medialogia”, the poem “do Not go out from the room” Joseph Brodsky in the early days of quarantine in social networks quoted more than 62 thousand times, which means a tenfold increase in comparison with February.