Broke the silence of the friends of a teenager who disappeared in April with a picnic lunch near Smolensk

Since April, so far nothing is known about the fate of 16-year-old Vlad. He disappeared after the party the local “Golden youth” in a forest near Smolensk.

Earlier this story, in which adolescents and their parents (some are high, by local standards, positions) are silent, and the “clearing” where we walked the youth, it seems, tried to “clean up”.

Over the 10 months since the disappearance of the young men did not appear in any version, and the mother of Vlada Anastasia Fadeeva says that it has long been one of the law enforcement agencies were not contacted.

However, it became known that on 16 January at the private house of the Roman city — one of the divers who was not afraid to tell you that the search for the boys was conducted just for the record, — explosive device.

fortunately, he survived, and the incident with the explosion confirmed in the Investigative Committee.

Another oddity: a family friend Vlad Elena Konstantinova previously argued that the day of the disappearance of the young man saw the online broadcast with abusing him, but then she was gone, and the woman then was accused by the local investigators and participants of the forest party.

Previously, some of the picnic participants said that the phones in the woods, so broadcast on the Network could not be.

However, the reporter “Live” on the site conducted an experiment and found that with communication there is no problem, and the stream was quite possible to hold.

it is known that the place in the evening came the father of one of the participants of the picnic is the Deputy chief of police Victor Derbenev. On contact with reporters, he is not, and the father of a teenager from the same company — head of administration of rural settlement Litovskogo Alexander Askin — come into contact only upon the urgent request of the Governor.

Askin believes that the disappearance of Vlad is “planned action” escape.

the same assumption is given by the mother of another Uchastika party.

She says Vlad was constantly away from home, and the day before the picnic, young man strongly quarreled with his mother over money”.

meanwhile, the best friends Vlad, Maxim and angelina decided to break the silence and tell what happened that night.

Could Vlad do to escape? Why such a dull going to find this boy? Any chance to find it?

Why one of the girls calls this company aggressive? It speaks of the daughter of the local police chief? And as reported by the taxi driver who brought the Teens to the picnic alcohol?

New details of the story in the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.