Brothers killer Kosteva will still be executed

Citizens of Belarus, brothers Stanislav and Ilya Kosteva still be executed, according to the exceptional measure of punishment of the country. The Supreme court upheld the death sentence, rejected the appeal. Informs the human rights center “Viasna”.

In the appeal it was noted that the court in sentencing did not take into account sincere repentance of the defendants. In addition, the brothers Kosteva believe that violent acts committed by them, were provoked by the victim.

the Lawyer of one of defendants said that the sentence was unjust. Were not taken into account the young age of the Bone (Ilya — 21, Stanislav — 19).

During the meeting Stanislav asked forgiveness from the relatives of the deceased for what he did. According to him, he realized that long lived thoughtlessly. “God forgives, forgive me and you,” said the guy. Elijah, in turn, said that still can not believe what happened and find his behavior a logical explanation.

the Fatal brothers to the Bone and injured the incident occurred in April 2019. During fire extinguishing in a private house rescuers found the body of 47-year-old housewife. It was multiple stab wounds. The murderers were Ilya and Stanislav. Cruelly, the guys decided to deal with the teacher, which had a fight the day before.

Belarus remains the only country in Europe and in the CIS country where, as an exceptional measure of punishment the death penalty. The condemned are shot, and their bodies given to relatives for burial. The burial place of the killed are not disclosed.