Bruises and concussion: a security guard who beat the visitor, was a professional wrestler

In the Moscow region opened a criminal case against the security guard of the shopping center, which is a few powerful blows knocked out 19-year-old visitor. It all began with conflict and fights, which is arranged to store a group of young people. The employee of chop, by the way, with professional knowledge of the martial arts, intervened. Very extraordinary way.

the Conflict quickly developed into a fight broke out right in the center of the room, next to the kiosk selling ice cream, where a lot of young children. The guard was nearby. But instead to stop the assault he was involved in it.

the name of the person Islam Bogatov. To recognize him as the security officer of the shopping center, except that on the costume. Here Bagatov tries wrestling to pull out from the General heap of one of the fighters. And then gets kicked in the face.

Even after the young man falls to the floor, the guard continues to sort things out. Further beatings managed to be avoided only thanks to the vendors and visitors of the shopping center.

“He was right! They are bullies! He was right at all!”

the Voice-over belongs Gulshair Erkebaev — she sells ice cream. Says, it all started with the fact that the young man has interceded for the girl. But the guard to understand who is right and who is wrong, did not and was knocked out of the first tucked under the arm.

“I was scared — a little boy already. He had already lost consciousness. I as a mother worried”, she said.

In the administration of the shopping center promise to look into the incident.

“there was a conflict between the employee and the Contracting security company and the visitor of the shopping center. At the moment we make every effort to review this situation,” — said Liana Shanidze, which manages the shopping center “Mega Khimki”.

the Guard Bogatova already fired. His teammates are still working. How: “Who is Islam Bogatov? — You are now asking questions, some strange. Can be PRoiti to see your ID?”

Show your documents, the employee of chop did not. His badge has no name security company. There are no names. Only a name. But he closed it from the camera.

“And you know that you do not have the right by and large ask me the identity because here is a public place? What I am, what you may not be familiar with their duties as well as guard Bogatov Islam, which is the beat man” — said we guard the center.

the visitor’s shopping centre, numerous bruises and a concussion. Against the beat of his guards opened a criminal case under article “abuse of authority”.

“the Suspect elected a measure of restraint in the form of subscriptions on parole and good behavior,” said Tatiana Petrova, head of information and public relations of the main Department of internal Affairs across Moscow region.

About Islam Bogatova little is known. 27. Judging by the photos in social networks engaged in fights of the mixed style. And quite possibly in his case it will be aggravating circumstance. It seems at some point the security guard forgot that he is at work, and not in the ring.

“In gyms, we teach patience, self-control. Street battles end horribly. Or for you or for him who is against you. During this ratification does not give, don’t give medals. For it is a prison,” says Ahmed Musayev, coach of club of martial arts “Ahmad”.

by the Way the mass brawl in the Mall according to visitors — occur regularly.

“last year, Yes. — What was it? — Flew in here Teens, have a fight. The guards failed,” — said the young man.

Enough to spend half an hour, to meet aggressive company of teenagers.

our eyes the guard calmly proceeded by screaming hysterically and rolling around on the floor young people. Apparently for him what is happening — butRMA. This means in case of occurrence of conflict situations to resolve their visitors will have.