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Now, where it out dark earlier and faster cold, is the best time to have the heart to give away.

Which game should you definitely not miss?

Bayer Leverkusen against Hoffenheim. All novices in the subject of football, it can be set currently, in good conscience, games to the heart, where Bayer 04. 6:2 against Bremen on Sunday, 5:0 against Gladbach on Wednesday: Who’s watching Leverkusen will be well entertained. And once again must say thank you for a Bundesliga team in the case of Uli Hoeness. Its involvement goes far beyond the benefit kicks in favour of those most in Need around the Clubs. A few weeks ago Hoeness Leverkusen’s Karim Bellarabi dismissed after a Foul on Bayerns Rafinha as “mentally ill” and urged before the Uli-Hoeness-Tribunal three months lock. In the real world, it was fired only four games for Bellarabi, before he hit back against Hanover, in a game it twice against Zurich, then against Bremen by a goal, two have prepared and now against Gladbach again twice met. Bellarabi runs for two weeks and really only to Cheer on the field. A Hoeness-bashing POPs better than any Aspirin.

What kind of game you can’t miss with a good Conscience?

Bayern against Freiburg. During the drought the 2:1 victory against Rödinghausen Bayerns Thiago got injured, he tore the outer ligament and the capsule. While his colleagues looked least often, as you would with paper balls to the wall the opponent is broken throw, he had at least an accurate drill at the ready. Here is a good idea, there is a nifty Side shift. He is now missing for a week, what the coach Niko Kovač included but also for the Aesthetics of the Munich game, rather not good news. Probably you will not remember it against Freiburg on Saturday and Athens on Tuesday, but the week after that it goes to Dortmund. Maybe it deters the Dortmunder, if Rafinha runs in his Halloween costume. He wore a costume that was inspired by a Arab, in Hand, he held a package, on the “caution” status. Rafinha apologized for the photo has now been removed. The outrage remains.

Who is?

Pierre-Michel Lasogga. It has to be classified, probably, in the number of large sports documentary products: John Lardner wrote, Stanley Ketchel, Simon & Garfunkel, Joe Di Maggio, and the image sang newspaper is dedicated to the striker of HSV. In sports journalism, every pot finds its lid. With the four-part, ungescripteten documentary series The Lasoggas the image has been set this week by the Hamburger family, a small monument. In the main, the ten-minute follow: Pierre-Michel and Kerstin, mom and consultant, and the girlfriend, Sally, Wohlers roles. Pierre plays in the documentary football in Hamburg, plays football in Leeds and football with his brothers on the beach, the mom cheering either above or drives a Ferrari. Or brings for a Job in the Bundesliga. It Boulevard is, clearly, klamaukig and less journalistically, perhaps, but the Lasoggas be a sympathetic. You can say that the set of Lasogga about the documentary is something: “The football away from the Fans, so I want to pay not only with goals but also with close proximity.”