Burns the skin and unpleasant smells: Minsk residents are faced with water scarcity

In the capital of Belarus, in Minsk, some residents faced a shortage of tap water. It began on June 24 when some began to complain that it smells bad, burns the skin and leaves a yellow tinge. The exact cause of the incident is not yet known. In “Minskvtormet” blame called the high temperature.

Minsk Residents share their assumptions about the deterioration of water in social networks. Some believe that the pipe with the water pipe got feces, others rely on a lot of chemicals for cleaning.

the press service of the Ministry of health of Belarus spoke about the disappointing results of selected water samples. They confirmed really unstable situation with the plumbing. The Ministry noted that the proportion of non-compliant samples decreased, but in Minsk, there are still facilities where the water for some indicators does not meet the requirements of hygienic standards for smell and organochlorine compounds, said TUT.BY.

In areas where there is a problem with the water, organized its transport in tankers. Minsk residents also are buying the vital liquid in stores.

currently, city authorities are trying to improve water situation in the Belarusian capital.