Bury career Goncharuk before: Zelensky did not accept the resignation of the Prime Minister

the Collapse of the team Zelensky or cheap PR campaign? All of Ukraine today, January 17, wondered about what could mean the demarche of the Prime Minister. Goncharuk. He officially announced his resignation, but the statement somehow gave the President, not Parliament, as the law requires. In the Parliament, he arrived before the closing of the session, when examining his request was impossible. Go Goncharuk decided after yesterday’s scandal with audio recording one of its closed meetings. From this record, the country learned that the President’s team think of him subordinates. As these secret thoughts now will affect the actual policy?

the Verkhovna Rada was preparing to ask questions of the government, even perched on the podium two impressive lumps of coal and a jackhammer to ask about the fate of the Ukrainian miners. Deputy Sergey Shakhov said that the people who sit under the earth in misery. Who is now responsible, is unclear. Imposingly came into the hall Alexei Goncharuk, who all rushed to be photographed, willing to resign as Prime Minister.

“First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that the government was late on the governmental hour. This is due to my decision: I appealed to the President of Ukraine and gave him his letter of resignation,” — said Alexey Goncharuk. During his speech, the MPs are not sitting on the ground, walked, talked and shot on the phone. When Goncharuk descended from the rostrum, some cried “Off!” while others applauded. On this occasion Deputy Serhiy Vlasenko said that the applause are completely incomprehensible, because this person said Zelensky in the head fog and emptiness. It relates to audiokanal, which got Goncharuk — at the meeting with the Ministers of Finance and the head of the national Bank will unflattering comments about the aptitude of their own and the President.

“I am a complete ignoramus in the economy. While the President will not be in my head responsesTA to this question, it will have empty space there, and it will arrive this crap on the topic of bonds. It hits the head just because he’s got a fog” — a fragment of utterance Goncharuk about Zelensky.

the Recording was then released. The Chairman of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko commented on this situation. According to him, security is very concerned. “I think that’s what we do separately because it is not excluded, that all records were made by people ordering who did not come from within the country and from abroad. In war is listening to the top officials is unacceptable,” — said the official.

In the corridors of the Verkhovna Rada brought a big, covered with a cloth box. Some joked that it’s a coffin Goncharuk, but there is a 3D icon. Bury career Goncharuk earlier. The presidential office confirmed that the letter of resignation at own will, came to him. The head of state will consider this statement and the results of the President’s office announced. Except that Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential Republic, and to dismiss the Prime Minister here can only Verkhovna Rada.

“It’s just a cheap version of the drawing that he is ready to retire. When it writes the statement for some reason, the President, with the right transmission to Parliament, although it is well knows or should know that it needs such a statement to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada”, — commented on the situation Chairman of “the Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk.

Today Goncharuk in Parliament have not converted. Moreover, the status of the Prime Minister, he held several business meetings in the Cabinet. Tomorrow the Parliament goes on a two-week vacation — the resignation will take no one.

Soon it became known that Vladimir Zelensky did not accept the resignation Goncharuk, because now is not the time rassatto provide political and economic situation in the country.