Business activity in Moscow has returned to pre-crisis levels

Business activity in Moscow, the largest regional economy in Russia, returned to pre-crisis level, said Deputy mayor Vladimir Yefimov.

Companies and entrepreneurs were able to resume operations quickly thanks to government support during quarantine restrictions. “Now the turnover of trade and service enterprises in Moscow is 98% of the activity level prior to the introduction of restrictions,” — said Efimov.

the Turnover of trade and service enterprises of the capital in the second week of June increased by 4.2%, to 24.5 billion rubles.

“In some areas the speed of business in a week has increased significantly, he said. — So, the personal services sector showed growth compared to the previous week twice, sphere air and road transportation — by 1.9 times. Attendance of shopping facilities last week rose more than two times”.

earlier, Moscow authorities have approved four anti-crisis package with several tens of measures to help totaling more than 85 billion rubles. This deferment of payment of rent, tax breaks, subsidies and preferential loans.

Increases the circulation and in the most affected sectors of the economy. “Over the last week average daily turnover in the areas of culture, leisure and sport grew by 26.9 percent,” — said the head of the Moscow Department of economic policy and development Kirill Purtova.

the Wholesale trade of Moscow in the middle of June exceeded by 27.5% performance average daily turnover during the crisis period from 23 to 27 March.

From January to April 2020, industrial production in Moscow increased by 5% compared to the same period last year. During the period of quarantine 350 of 720 large and medium industrial enterprises in Moscow continued to work to provide the city with all necessary.

This is a food and pharmaceutical industry, military-industrial complex, processing industry, manufacturers of medical equipment, tools, personal protection, antiseptic, and also the enterprises of the continuous cycle (cable manufacturers and oil companies).