Butchers: masks do not protect, but create a false sense of security

In the capital, remove a lot of restrictions. At the same time, some precautions remain, including a mask mode, because of the coronavirus will not go away. The doctor Alexander Myasnikov said Вестям.Ru how a protective agent is advisable and is it really necessary, especially when summer came and I want to get rid of unnecessary things.

According to the doctor, the masks are very conditional security measure. Alexander Myasnikov drew attention to the fact that dozens of studies have proven the fact that the protective agent does not protect a person 100 percent from infection, wearing it only reduces the risk of transmission of microbes from an infected to a healthy one. Impossible every single one to check for COVID-19, because put a mask mode allows you to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dr. butcher noted that the people who wear personal protective equipment, creates a false sense that they are maximally separated from infection. In this regard, people may neglect other precautions, in violation of social distance and so on. The doctor believes that the only rule that can protect against coronavirus, it’s keeping the distance 1.5-2 meters between people.

Earlier, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the capital from June 9 removed a number of restrictions. Earn Barber shops, beauty salons. Canceled access mode and isolation. The process of removing the restrictions will take place in several stages.