Butchers told about amnesia after a tick bite and meat Allergy by

In the broadcast channel “Russia 1” the doctor Alexander Myasnikov told about the consequences of the bite of encephalitic mite.

“One tick bite can deprive a person of memory, to make it impossible to eat normally, lead to paralysis,” reminded the doctor. Butchers told about measures of protection against the tick. The first thing to remember is cure for encephalitis do not exist, only vaccination. By the way, butchers are cultivated each year before leaving. “You know why? Because I will never forget the Council, which led a young patient from Siberia. He cleaned the forest in the bulldozer, are not making a vaccine. He was bitten by a tick, developed encephalitis, which led to memory loss. Young, healthy man, he forgot everything that happened. He remembers himself had just come from the army, do not know wife. After what I’ve seen, I’m vaccinated.”

butchers also reminded about Lyme disease (borreliosis), which is also spread by ticks. Borrelii, spread with the blood flow in the body and cause destruction of the joints, brain, nervous system, heart. Neurological syndrome manifested by development of meningitis, facial nerve palsy, numbness in the extremities. The defeat of the meninges leads to nausea, photophobia, hearing loss and memory.

One of the signs that you were bitten by a tick may become allergic to meat. “Sometimes this is the fault of the tick. There is a serious reaction,” – said Myasnikov.

Going out for a walk in the Park and especially the forest, consider the suit – pants and shirt sleeves should be long, preferably with cuffs. Periodically have to examine ourselves. But even all the precautions can save you from dangerous diseases. According to statistics, in Siberia, the mortality from the bite of encephalitic mite is 10%. Surviving is also for the rest of my life struggling with the consequences of encephalitis or Lyme disease. “In the forest should not be afraid of bears, not wolves, but the tick can be deadly”, – said the doctor.