Butchers told about protivoallergichesky diets

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov said, what foods can increase the risk of cancer, and which, on the contrary, to reduce. The TV channel “Russia 1” and he recalled that food is not just food, but medicines and criticized the so-called “protivoallergicheskoe diet.”

“don’t run for some fashionable diets, which are called protivogemorragicheskim!” warned the butchers, however, noted that almost all varieties of cancer have in the list of risk factors for overweight. So first of all it is necessary to monitor the quantity and quality of food.

20% of cancers caused by food, says butchers. What products can provoke cancer, what is a carcinogen? In the first place — salt is a recognized carcinogen for stomach cancer. Consequently, all products of the sausage Department: ham, sausage, frankfurters, wieners. In 2015 who took the sausages to the risk factors for developing cancer, i.e., for carcinogens.

the Second is a spender (factory processed vegetable fats), which increase atherosclerosis, but are also an agent provocateur Oncology.

And what prevents cancer? Fish containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, which, moreover, that have beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, but also can prevent various types of cancer. In particular, Oncology, colon, and prostate.

the Most useful vegetable for protection from cancer – broccoli. It contains such biologically active substances such a flavonoids, sulforaphane, which is proven to stop the growth of tumors in experimental animals. “And anyway, if we say: “Choose the product that is most useful for cancer prevention”, that broccoli is sure to be among them,” concluded the doctor.

All the red vegetables, primarily tomatoes, contain lycopin, which, as stated earlier, prevents the development of prostate cancer. Today there is such a high enthusiasm, but nevertheless, if you like tomatoes, if you like red vegetables, the same peppers – please eat, recommends to the butchers.

Green tea protects against cancer of ovaries, cancer of the prostate. Just remember that green tea is metabolized by the same chain, and some chemotherapy drugs. And, therefore, cross reaction may reduce the effect of chemotherapy.

Speaking of cancer, the doctor butchers partly “rehabilitated” meat. A study conducted at the end of 2019, “eclipsed” pandemic coronavirus. The results are as follows: meat does not cause heart attacks, does not increase the number of strokes, does not aggravate atherosclerosis. “I told you before: consume meat no more often than three times a week. The same advice and left. Why not every day, since it’s harmless? But because of the heart is harmless, maybe, but for the cancer of the large intestine red meat is still a risk factor and still is carcinogenic”, he warned.

butchers advises:

*you should avoid alcohol because of breast cancer even small amounts of alcohol, which is good for the heart, are cancerogeno.

*you should consume a limited, but nevertheless sufficient amount of calories

*you should eat per day half a kilo of vegetables, a pound of fruit.

*you should avoid red meat and focus on fish

*you should avoid bad habits, because remember that the most common cause of cancer is tobacco consumption, chronic Smoking.