Butchers told about the conspiracy in medicine and

the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov told about the “conspiracy” in medicine some of the drugs and also expressed fears of some people that their “chiprout” via vaccination.

as an example, “conspiracy” butchers of physicians cited the example of the drug “Atorvastatin”, who invented one of the world’s largest international transnational pharmaceutical companies.

As any company producing a new drug she got for 20 years a patent for the exclusive right of sale, said the doctor.

as a result, during these years it was argued that in the case of increasing cholesterol should take statins, plus they help to strengthen bones, strengthen immunity, prevent heart attacks and strokes.

after 20 years of massive promotion of statins, resulting in “Atorvastatin” became the best selling drug in the world, continues butchers.

“By the end of this 20-year-old, when the patents had already finished their actions (and this means that many other firms around the world can produce this drug and, consequently, greatly decreases the price), went doubts: do you need statins?” – says the doctor.

as a result, by the end of this 20-year period, according to him, a new world of recommendations, so now a simple increase in cholesterol is not grounds for the use of statins.

“Now we give statins if high cholesterol plus high blood pressure plus another risk factor is Smoking, for example, and so we do not give them,” says Dr. Miasnikov.

Next, he says, was invented a new drug that is now proposed to introduce into the algorithm to reduce cholesterol. “Needless to say that the new drug belonged to the same company that produced “Atorvastatin”? – the doctor asks a rhetorical question.

When this watch continues the butchers aroseflushes question: we (doctors) “make recommendations, which are forged FarmFirma, or is it FarmFirma dictate researchers and doctors behaviour?”

“This is a conspiracy theory,” he adds.

this butchers highly ironic comment on the fears of those who believe that their “chiprout” via vaccination.

“what are you chipped? Below some information about you know? So you carry a cell phone! All that you can, you already know. In order for you to manage? Look, where is the ego? Yes us and so manipulates who he wants – a wife, a cat that meows, even if a bowl full of food,” continues the doctor, and broadcaster.

He urges to think well, whether it was necessary to invent a disease in order to vaccinate and “chipped”?

“What do you mean? The chip is placed via a syringe? But each of us gets one or two shots, not have to do anything. Doctors in the clinic just to bribe on the sly, they’ll prescribe some vitamin into the muscle at the back pain or headaches. Any injection – that chiprout you,” sneers the doctor.

He says that these fears there is no logic – if you want “chipped” humanity could be much easier.

Another thing, the doctor said, is that “today scared the whole world”, and this “multi-billion dollar market (people) who are scared and waiting for the vaccine” (from the new coronavirus).

“And now we’ll do a quick something blind and start to give you. And all of you to buy. Moreover, I can tell you that she’s ready. Seven multinational pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of money in vaccine development, it is already in the warehouse. Now will be tested, and tossed it to the market”, — continues Alexander Myasnikov.

On the question of why its in a hurry to do in Russia, he explains, “Because, when the world will parmigana to distribute its vaccine, we should have not to pay money.”

Dr. Miasnikov recalled that a frightened man is obedient man: “the fool does not need a knife, he was a little podpoesh and do with it what you want”, — quotes the doctor from the famous song.

“Why turn on the brain, I think, become smarter, and then everything will be fine, and those who are trying to manipulate us, is bad. But unfortunately, if you do not turn on, it will be exactly the opposite. Think. And everything will be fine,” advises a well-known physician.