Bargains as far as the eye can see: Also this year you can get Lego and other toys at a particularly low price on Amazon Prime Day. Because at the shopping event, which will take place in July as usual in 2022, there will always be something for everyone thanks to the large range of products.

But how do you actually recognize the really good deals? After all, the company advertises with numerous tempting discounts. A bit of preparation is key here, so before you go, check the prices of products you’re targeting and save what you like. So later on Amazon Prime Day you can get toy bargains that make children’s eyes light up and also make big Lego fans happy – because you know which prices are really worth it.

“Star Wars” fans are sure to have their eyes on some Lego products again on Prime Day 2022. Because the construction sets have their price: For the helmet of Darth Vader* you currently pay less than 50 euros. The Star Wars AT-AT Walker* in a set currently costs around 135 euros. A desirable collector’s model is also Yoda from Lego*, which is currently available for around 88 euros on Amazon.

Fans of other comic and feature film series also have a reason to be happy: Lego building sets for Marvel, Super Mario and Harry Potter are on offer for Amazon Prime Day. We especially recommend:

With 14 seasons, Ninjago is the longest running Lego series. But that’s not all, since 2011 numerous Lego sets for building and playing have also been released. Playing out the adventures of the ninjas in the temple of the endless ocean*, with the Ninjago water glider* or the water dragon* at home is at least as much fun. Ninjago fans should therefore not miss the Lego offers on Prime Day, large and small Lego building sets are currently significantly reduced on Amazon.

Younger children in particular have fun with the larger blocks from Playmobil. Here you can certainly discover some good offers and lightning deals during the Amazon shopping event. Here are the current prices for later comparison:

For fans of Asterix

Price comparison sites such as help you to find your individual favorite product at the best price. You can also see how the price has developed over the past few months – you will immediately notice pseudo discounts that refer to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. If you then see a good offer, you can order directly without extensive research and without missing out on a lightning deal.

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