To put it simply, Borsigplatz is no more than a roundabout in Dortmund. Motorways and the rails of the U44 line cross here. No glitzy plaza that attracts tourists. No buildings around that are of cultural importance. A few kebab shops and hairdressers in the midst of a colorful retail mosaic.

He only gained national prominence through Borussia Dortmund. When there is something to celebrate at the city’s first football club, the team and fans meet after a parade in the square in the northeast of the city with its associated meadow in the middle. The only vehicle that still finds its way through the hundreds of thousands of BVB supporters is the team’s car, either a bus or truck, which makes several laps as part of a parade.

Well, eleven years after the last championship, it could be that time again on the Pentecost weekend. After the euphoric 3-0 win in Augsburg on Sunday and Bayern’s bankruptcy the night before, BVB is the leader of the table. A home win on the last day of the season against Mainz on Saturday would make the black and yellow bliss perfect and make the crowds flock to Borsigplatz.

“It is clear to us that you have to prepare for the long term”, after all there are “many things to organize. That’s already being done internally,” said Dortmund’s Mayor Thomas Westphal to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”. The city has already made the first arrangements for the big master party. Westphal doesn’t want to do anything wrong. It would be the first title for the SPD politician, who was born in Lübeck and has been in office since 2020.

And so they have already put up signs: on Borsigplatz there will be an absolute no-stopping rule from 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. In some places even from Saturday morning. Probably no Dortmund resident would think of parking their car here after a Mainz victory. But sure is safe.

Incidentally, there is an important reason why the Borsigplatz and not one of the many other roundabouts or, as elsewhere, the town hall is the center of the celebrations. The house at Oesterholzstraße 60 was once home to the restaurant “Zum Wildschütz”. On December 19, 1909, 18 men founded the Borussia ball game club there. So there is a bit of culture at Borsigplatz after all.