Calendar special days: today, panic tomorrow - for a walk

the Calendar is full of varied not only festive, but also by specific days of laughter, hugs and even smiles.

for Example, today, June 18 is international panic day.

Despite the fact that in the whole life of the main Council — not to panic in any situation, today, according to the calendar, the panic is not only possible, but necessary.

So psychologists like to remind you that it’s hard to keep yourself in hand, and sometimes still need to let off steam. Of course, so that it does not hurt others.

However, if you give yourself the opportunity for a controlled papanicolau in one day, it may be useful, in particular, can be openly viewed “face” their own fears, and then again to pull yourself together.

to Celebrate the panic first began in the United States, and this date fell on 9 March, and that’s when it became an International and why it is celebrated on June 18, is unknown, said portal

If someone decides to take advantage of these tips and give vent to their own panicky thoughts and feelings, then tomorrow there’s a good reason to go back to normal and calm down, because June 19 is the international day of walk.

He, as conceived by its founders, calls people (first and foremost, residents of the metropolis) to assess the importance of this holiday, which allows you to relieve stress, nervous tension and relax. What is especially necessary after a Day of panic.