Called dangerous shortcomings of the

the Federal space Agency on Saturday published an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of a new spacecraft Crew Dragon, developed by SpaceX Elon musk. The ship is designed to carry astronauts to the International space station.

according to Russian experts, “the location of the liquid engines of the emergency rescue system directly behind the wall of the cabin” raises concerns of the safety of the crew. It is worth considering that the engines are working at a very toxic nitrogen tetroxide and monomethylhydrazine. Blast Crew Dragon when tested on a ground stand in 2019 “emphasizes the validity of these doubts.”

the Ship’s company SpaceX, designed for the delivery of seven people in a space, the roomier of the descent vehicle “Soyuz”. However, according to the Russian space Agency, taking into account the reduction in the number of crew members to four instead of seven, Crew Dragon “, still looks plus size”.

a Certain discomfort brings astronauts to and use of sanitation facilities on the new American ship. “The symbolic veil” that separates the toilet from the cabin, moved into the Crew Dragon ship Space Shuttle. But the volume of the cabin was 74.5 cubic meters, and the new ship recruited only 10 cubic meters. The toilet on the spacecraft “Soyuz” is located in a separate living compartment.

the advantages of Crew Dragon is the fact, noted in Roskosmos that after almost 20 years of efforts, the Americans got “a compact and more reliable than the Space Shuttle, manned space-rocket system”. Moreover, its operation is significantly cheaper.

Crew Dragon is able in case of accident to save the crew from the beginning of refueling of the rocket to separation of the ship the last stage. During the Space Shuttle program in two disasters killed 14 astronauts.