Called diet that will help lose weight, avoid diabetes and heart disease

Researchers have long spoken about the benefits of diet, which is known as time-restricted eating – “food, limited time”. Previous work has shown that this approach helps to lose weight and improve many health indicators such as blood sugar and blood pressure.

However, clinical studies of this kind was conducted with the participation of healthy people.

Now, scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk and the University of California San Diego for the first time studied the effect of diet on the health of people with metabolic syndrome.

Explain what metabolic syndrome is characterized by the presence of three or more of five risk factors: high fasting blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low “good” cholesterol, and abdominal obesity (when fat is deposited in the abdomen). These factors increase the likelihood of developing many dangerous diseases and conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

the Researchers invited to participate in the experiment, 13 men and 6 women with the metabolic syndrome. They were asked to adhere to a time-limited diet for three months.

According to the test conditions, the volunteers decide for themselves what time and how much they are. Importantly, the meals were placed in 10-hour increments. Accordingly, during the remaining 14 hours a day, the participants were not supposed to eat anything. (Previous experiments in mice have shown that such a regime is optimal.)

according to experts, the majority of participants suffered from overweight or obesity and took at least one drug (e.g., statins to control cholesterol or antihypertensives to reduce blood pressure).

throughout the experiment, participants used a specially crafted application myCircadianClock. It was possible to record the mealtime and bedtime.

in addition, voluntaryTsy wore the activity sensors that measure indicators of sleep and wakefulness, and sensors for continuous monitoring of glucose level.

as a result, after 12 weeks, the weight of the participants, body mass index, waist circumference, and percentage of visceral (abdominal) fat decreased on average by 3-4%.

Also, the subjects had a decline in cholesterol, blood pressure and level of glucose in the blood. Thus, a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the researchers conclude.

in addition, the majority of participants reported that they became more energetic and they have improved the quality of sleep. And some at the end of experiment reduced the dosage of medication or completely stopped taking them.

the authors of the research underline that the volunteers – by their own admission – it was fairly easy to follow the indicated diet. Most people moved the Breakfast about two hours later and dinner a little earlier than usual (three hours before bedtime).

the Participants reported that it is easier to stick to this regime than to count calories or to go to training (although it is likely that the limited time diet combined with exercise would be of even more value).

Experts explain that when a person continuously eats and drinks any drinks, except water, for 10-hour interval, its metabolism is synchronized with circadian rhythms, the body has more time to rest and recover. In addition, our body begins to “anticipate” the next meal and can optimize the metabolism.

overall, scientists were pleased with the results of the experiment, which was described in the journal Cell Metabolism.

the Team has already embarked on a new clinical study with a larger sample of participants. Also, experts plan to conduct additional studies to investigate other physiological reactions to this “diet”, including the impact on the mitochondria in skeletal muscle and betrayalsthe notification in the liver.

In conclusion, the authors emphasize that people seeking to lose weight (and particularly those with metabolic syndrome and take any drugs), is not required to “register” themselves limited time food. To start is to consult with your doctor who will help you adjust your diet or medication.

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