Cameron Clark, an offensive lineman for the New York Jets, was injured in practice on Tuesday.

His status was not immediately known by the team.

Clark, 23, was a fourth-round draft selection from Charlotte last year. He fell during team drills. Before trainers and medical personnel arrived, he didn’t seem to be moving.

Robert Saleh, the coach, was unsure how the injury occurred. He said he only saw the play out of his corner of the eye.

Saleh stated that it looked like he had been in protection. “Then he was on his feet.”

Clark had “some” movement according to him, but the team doctors said that Clark was still able to move. However, he stated, “as far details as all the stuff go, we’re going back for more evaluation.”

Clark was placed on what appeared to have been a spinal board, and then taken to an ambulance by the side of the field.

Saleh called off practice immediately, marking the first team practice in full pads this season. Clark was transported to the ambulance while many players watched silently. Saleh stated that there was only one more practice period.

Zach Wilson, rookie quarterback, said that it was scary. It’s hard to know at first. We don’t even know what it’s like, clearly. However, what it took to get there and how it could impact his life is beyond my control, but I feel sorry for him.”

Clark was taken to Morristown Medical Center about 2 1/2 miles from Jets’ facility.

Wilson stated, “You should take each day and treat every play as if it were your last.” Wilson said, “I don’t know if it is. He could be back tomorrow. I have no idea. It’s a frightening situation to see someone being taken off the field. It’s best to pray that he will be alright.

“I hope God will watch over him and all he does.” It kind of shocks everyone a bit.

Clark has not yet made his NFL regular-season debut. Clark spent six weeks on injured reserve last season and was not active for seven of the remaining games. He also didn’t participate in three other games. Clark was expected to play in the open right guard competition and as a backup.

Saleh stated, “I am an optimist.” Everything will be fine, God willing. We will wait for the evaluation. I felt that our doctors were available to help him quickly. They did a great job and were very friendly. We now wait.