all the Familiar faces headed by Khodorkovsky. And where no money the US state Department. The network leaked the training manual. “Too organized group always unhappy rushed to condemn the vote. Now, their protest came to light business.” Quote from the blog of the journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Roman Golovanov, who posted the link to the big independent investigation into the activities of the so-called “Campaign No.”

For those who don’t know — it’s about a special website with a pretty aggressive campaign against the amendments to the Constitution. Allegedly unites people with a strong civil position. In fact — all the familiar faces from representatives of a recognized foreign agent of the society “memorial” to a couple of the characters from “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

But that’s okay. Most importantly, behind the scenes, which propose to look to the authors of the aforementioned investigation. Here, for example, the table — something like a plan with a proposal to “deploy large-scale information campaign” videos of the alleged “failures of the government”. To bring people to the streets.

Or manuals for creating layouts, graffiti and banners. Not to mention the post notes the “critical content”. I mean, sauce of the alleged “people’s” protest agenda all signs of an organized, planned by a specific group of characters work. And obviously not cheap. And here is the time to talk about funding sources.

Leading Russian politicians in the form of magazines. In the development of a number of cartoons that are designed to create the negative image, the main goal is to denigrate the electoral process. These images want to be done, quoting the published document, “each day gets clubbed by one.”

“Comes the inquiry from bloggers who publish specific notes, specific documents, which, as we see from this investigatedia – this protest, he was cleared, even online, but you have to create the hype. Someone throws the material, then it starts to spin, then in the comments type connected with real people, in most cases, it is bots,” — says Roman Golovanov, journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Work on a large scale and there are certain people – Natalia Shavshukova, co-founder of the “school of local self-government” — SHMS. This organization was created by the natives of the undesirable organization “Open Russia”. Shavshukova took place in the USA courses on political leadership under the auspices of the state Department. And now gets money from American funds.

In the investigation indicate that feeding the ideas of opposition and preparation of the respective members it monthly receives 20 thousand dollars.

“school of the young separatists” — you can use this acronym as a joke, but if you think about it, nothing funny there. This structure is quite developed network in the country. We have discovered, do not hesitate, there is, calling a spade a spade, a spy network, well-funded, which unashamedly declares that its task is regime change. The dismantling of the system, they have accounts in social networks, there is the media – foreign agents that serve them,” explains Alexander Malkevich, the head of the Fund for the protection of national values, the first Deputy Chairman of the media Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

get Money not only from USA but also Poland. And from the Russian representation of the German “Friedrich Naumann Foundation”. Part of the funds transferred through the Ukrainian banks. And now as if on command “FAS” – started a new wave of sponsorowany. Ideological opposition has a specific price.

the money is distributed to regions on different stocks. Accountability strict, all collecting subscriptions. And projects is also diverse. Also ready to send “their” specialmalistov cities.

“Trying to join in the fight with dirty hands, actually – to bypass existing regulations. Trying to say that it’s freedom of speech, freedom of public organizations, forget to say that these public organizations that attempt to use different technologies, should behave in the strict rules of law. To disseminate the false information about the organization of the electoral procedures, are actually denying something that are set up democratic processes”, — said Igor Borisov, Chairman of Board of the Russian public Institute of electoral law.

Every day before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution – hard painted. The media plan is designed not only to create a bunch of videos. But July 1 – send out two hundred volunteers to collect exit polls. And the evening of the same day to expel these people on a supposedly impromptu protest rally.

“Ready media company to pay for a specific PR, and the PR she is starting to give out, to promote the agenda that the customer need. Of course, it is planned for such businesses. Business on the protest, we long ago that we’ve all seen”, — says Roman Golovanov, a journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

And of course, a logical question – like, how to test if this is true or not? Soon all will see, on the Internet. The main thing to remember is that certain people, promote their interests and sell the country and its audience for money from foreign agencies. And it is important have to ask myself – is it possible to believe them?