Copa América Champions: List of All Winners by Edition

As the 2024 Copa América approaches, set to be held in the United States, fans across the Americas and around the world are turning their attention to the symbols and history of the oldest national team competition in the world of football. National teams have been engaging in friendly matches in recent days, aiming to solidify team cohesion and game rhythm that will bring them closer to victory and the championship.

The Copa América, also known as the Campeonato Sudamericano de Selecciones, was first organized in 1916 by Argentina to celebrate the centenary of its independence. The inaugural tournament included Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil as competitors, laying the foundation for what would become the prestigious Copa América.

Uruguay holds the record for the most Copa América titles, with an impressive 15 championships to their name. Argentina closely follows with 15 titles of their own, while Brazil has secured 9 titles, making them among the most successful national teams in the competition.

Despite their rich football history, the Mexican National Team has yet to claim a Copa América title. However, they have reached the final and finished as runners-up twice, in 1993 against Argentina and in 2001 against Colombia.

Here is a list of past Copa América champions:
– 2021 | Argentina
– 2019 | Brazil
– 2016 | Chile
– 2015 | Chile
– 2011 | Uruguay
– 2007 | Brazil
– 2004 | Brazil
– 2001 | Colombia
– 1999 | Brazil
– 1997 | Brazil
– And many more…

As the excitement for the upcoming Copa América continues to build, fans eagerly anticipate which team will emerge victorious and add their name to the prestigious list of champions in South American football history.