Canada and Britain have accused Iran in the crash

canadian Authorities have information that the plane of the company “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down after taking off from Tehran airport. This was stated in Ottawa, canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This information was confirmed and the UK. Iran has denied these allegations.

“we Have intelligence from many sources, including from the intelligence services of our allies and our own. The evidence indicates that the plane was shot down Iranian missiles “earth — air”, — told reporters the Prime Minister.

according to RIA news, on of due care strike a missile and said the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It could happen unintentionally. We work closely with Canada and our international partners, it is necessary to conduct a full and transparent investigation,” — said in a written statement, Johnson.

However, the head of civil aviation Organization of Iran has denied these allegations, noting that this version is untenable. “We can say that the plane, considering how he fell, and also the attempt of the pilot to return to the airport did not explode in the air. Therefore, the hypothesis that the plane was shot down by missiles, can be excluded,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Aviaexport arrived in the Islamic Republic. Today they start decoding data of the flight recorders.

Ukrainian Boeing 737, which was to perform flight Tehran — Kiev, crashed Wednesday after taking off from Tehran airport. On Board were 168 passengers and nine crew members, they all died. The majority of victims — citizens of Canada and Iran.

In the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine announced the main versions of the crash: airliner could be shot down by anti-aircraft missiles or face the drone. In addition, does not exclude the explosion inside the aircraft in the attack, and the explosion of the engine technical reasons.

Earlier today, the civil aviation Organization of Iran has published the results of the initial investigation. The report States that the plane caught fire in the air. The document also notes that before the crash the plane tried to turn around and go back towards the airport. However, signals about the emergency situation from the crew was not. After the collision of the liner with earth the explosion occurred.

January 3 missile strike Americans killed Iranian General, who arrived in Iraq on an official visit. Together with him were killed and the Iraqi military, it met. In response, the Iranians fired on two U.S. military bases. But did it carefully, advance warning of Iraq. He gave information to the Americans, in the end, no one was hurt. And here is trump said that the attack is not, but will the us sanctions.