Canadians and their captain brought the Russians apologize

Youth Russian national team defeated the canadian peer with a score 6:0 in the match of the world championship among hockey players, whose age does not exceed 20 years. But after the game the incident occurred with the participation of the canadian team captain Barrett Katona.

During the execution of the Russian national anthem in honor of the winners, the captain of the “maple leaf” Barret Chaton not removed a helmet. Our players have found a similar behavior of canadian contempt and refused to shake his hand after the meeting. The captain of the national team of Russia Grigory Denisenko also drew the jury’s attention on the behavior of canadian colleagues.

after a few hours, team Canada and the captain apologized to the Russian side. Hayton explained that he had forgotten to remove his helmet, as he thought about the match, tried to reinvent the game. “Team Canada apologizes to the International ice hockey Federation, ice hockey Federation of Russia and all Canadians for the incident”, — quotes the words of the appeal of the canadian national team Cempionatam.