Car owners warned about a sharp rise in the number of thefts

Quarantine restrictions in the country has reduced the number of hijackings, but in the near future, experts expect an increase of car theft.

According to the insurance company “Consent”, the number of thefts in the period of self-isolation in April and may fell compared with February-March two times. Top 5 most stolen cars in April-may, according to statistics of “Consent” included: the Lexus LX, Jaguar XE, Toyota Camry, Kia Optima and the Land Rover Discovery.

the Stolen cars more difficult to steal when the owners all the time at home during the isolation, and in some cities was admission. Fell and the demand for cars, less bought and parts that are dismantled cars.

According to analysts of the Company, in may, the number of stealings of cars in Russia continued to decline by 17% compared to April.

the Most popular among car thieves cars by “AlfaStrahovanie”, in April were the Toyota Camry and Kia Ceed, hereinafter — the Nissan Qashqai, Kia Optima and Kia Rio. In most cases the cars were stolen from Parking lots of residential buildings.

a Leader in car theft in may was St. Petersburg, where he introduced severe restrictions on movement around the city. The share of Northern capital had 50% of reported thefts. On the second place — Moscow (40% of thefts) and the third – Krasnoyarsk (10% of thefts).

“to the extent of lifting the restrictive measures and return to normal life, the number of claimed thefts will increase, predicts Alexander Karaganov, Director of the Department of insurance payments of the Company. — Peak growth can come at the end of summer – September, when the rates can quickly return to the level of dekorativnogo period.”

the insurance company “Consent” predict a return of the number of thefts of pre-crisis levels by early July.

“the Frequency of theft will increase gradually and by the end of June will return to the rate prior to isolation. At the end of 2020 year, total thefts will be less than 2019, because of the halving of their number in April-may,” predicts Andrey Kovalev, Director of underwriting and product management of the insurance company “Consent”.

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia in may fell by 2% to 63,033 thousand 130,846 thousands of cars sold in may last year, estimated earlier, the Committee of automakers Association of European businesses.

If we evaluate only the market of cars without a commercial, then according to analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in may 2020, the market for new cars in Russia declined by 47.6% compared to may 2019. The mass segment decreased by 48.3% sold 55 151 cars, and premium fell by 41.6%. Most brands of the Top 25 lost about a third of sales. In the “plus” came only four stamps – Ravon (a growth of 40 times), Changan (+141%), Isuzu (+83.3%) and Haval (+5,3%).

More other sales fell from Subaru (over 70% from may 2019), Peugeot (-74,2%) and maximum fall was observed in the American Ford (-98,3%).