Caring for the family and improve the lives of Russians: Mishustin set priorities

Michael Mishustin has submitted to the state Duma the program. The new Prime Minister of Russia has made the basic emphasis on social issues and improving the lives of Russians.

the New composition of the Cabinet will have to solve a range of problems. The scope of work outlined on the eve of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, presenting its programme in the state Duma. Among the priority areas is improving the welfare of citizens, caring about family and children.

According to mishustina, it is necessary, in particular, to build a system of interaction with regions, that families could obtain all they are entitled to payment. Earlier Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly, said that the maternity capital program will be extended at least until the end of 2026, in addition, it will changes were made.

“Already at the birth of the firstborn of the family will be entitled to the maternity capital in its current volume. After indexing with Jan the year 2020 is 617 466 roubles. So much is still relied upon birth of a second or subsequent child. Such support will enable the family to prepare for the birth of her second child — said the head of state. – But I think that in modern conditions this is not enough, given the demographic challenges faced by the country is insufficient. You can and should do more. I propose to increase the maternity capital for another 150 thousand rubles.”

According to estimates by the House.Of the Russian Federation, the provision of maternity capital for the firstborn will affect almost half a million families, and it will provide additional demand for 6 million square meters of housing per year. Analysts said that as a result of innovations housing will be able to buy those families who have not previously been possible. All this, of course, will play a positive role for the construction sector.

According to Michael mishustina, the implementation of new social guarantees will require about 4 trillion rubles from the budget in four years. The head of government noted that if requiredtimie the means.

“the Funds that were outlined in the letter, is. This year — about 450 billion rubles, and in General for four years — about four trillion rubles, — said Mishustin. – These funds will be reallocated within the budget, but will not affect any obligations of the Federal budget and budgets of regions, and from the point of view of the resources they have in full. And these decisions must be taken and earn now, since the beginning of the year.”

Special attention to the new Prime Minister intends to pay to the support of entrepreneurship and business. Necessary in the near future to adopt a package of draft laws on the protection and promotion of investments and ensure their interoperability. In addition, it is necessary to improve the business climate, including by reducing administrative barriers and reform of control and Supervisory activities.

“So that people who are engaged in business, including young people, to feel confident and secure, able to develop their business, create new jobs and, most importantly, increase staff salaries,” — said the Prime Minister.

As noted by Michael Mishustin, speaking to legislators, delivered by the President during address to the Federal Assembly tasks give the projects “even deeper” and connect them into a single system program.

For the economic growth responsible of several national projects a total of nearly 7 trillion rubles. While half a trillion will go to support small and medium business and almost a trillion on the development of international cooperation and exports, efforts to create more competitive products. But not enough to provide the funds necessary to ensure their effective use. And in order to maintain the business, you need to understand it.

“He, as a person who deals with taxes, well aware of the condition of the business. And in tterritorialno the cut, and industry. Feels like there is formed the financial income. Because he worked in business structures with international participation, he is very sensitive to the quality of the investment climate”, — said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin.

THE RDIF also believe that the new Prime Minister will be able to accelerate the implementation of national projects and to increase investment in infrastructure. As noted by the head of the Foundation Mikhail Mishustin proved himself not only as a successful statesman, but also an experienced investor.

“Understanding the investment community and leadership experience at the Federal level gives him a unique opportunity to significantly increase its investments in Russia, — said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of RDIF. We also strongly support his plans to invest the Fund’s assets in the acquired infrastructure. RDIF invested $ 125 billion rubles in projects of the Fund when the yield is 30 percent higher than the funds would be invested in American securities. And of course the investment of the Fund in profitable infrastructure will accelerate the growth of the Russian economy”.

in Addition to the tasks already outlined in the may decrees and projects, Mishustin focused on improving the quality of management and efficient use of resources at the disposal of the government. The new Prime Minister said that all Cabinet members will be held personally responsible for the achievement of national development goals.