During isolation, the day laughing really important, humor helps to deal with depression and other illnesses, according to Russian media, Alexey Stolyarov, Vladimir Kuznetsov.
The Russian government intends to oblige all citizens living in the quarantine coronavirus COVID-19, to journal about his health on the portal "public Services".
Mode isolation is not a reason for discouragement, especially in Day of laughter on April 1. This is for example demonstrated sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev. He wrote and published in Instagram video with the dances.
Cash payments to children of war in the Irkutsk region will increase to five thousand roubles. The status of children of war have 125,5 thousand inhabitants of the region.
Rumors that ginger root can help in the treatment of coronavirus infection has led to the fact that he has risen tenfold, per kilogram enterprising merchants and dealers asking for a few thousand. The doctors say: ginger, of course, useful, but to cure from the disease he is not able.
Five thousand on the kid, a new unemployment benefits and the indexation of pensions. April 1, Russians will find a lot of changes, including that relate to social benefits in connection with the coronavirus.
Residents of the Novosibirsk region found on the route the remains of animals. About it eyewitnesses said the "Vesti-Novosibirsk".
Flowering plants do not die because of returning to the capital of the cold. Weekend in Moscow and the Moscow region was the warmth of summer, the temperature reached + 17 degrees, and on Monday came a sharp cooling and the formation of snow cover.
The passengers of the bus Moscow-Lipetsk, which followed with the ill coronavirus a man, set. They are all placed under surveillance.
The state Duma in the second — mostly — reading adopted a law that allows the remote sale of OTC drugs. Prescription drugs can be sold via the Internet only by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and in emergency situations.


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