Homes are no longer just places to live in; they’re also highly sought-after properties on the market. With the housing market bound to keep on raising its prices with living costs getting higher by the day, owning your property...
The way to Frank summer is almost signposted better than the to the emergency room. The urologist, andrologist and sports physicians at the University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), a men's clinic. Most of his patients complain about...
The car from Roland said Sepp, Hans has his "the English Patient", because it was often sick, and the steering Wheel on the wrong side. Also, my father had a name for his cars, anything with A,...
Some of the numbers are cold in the back. In twenty years, the drug industry spent 40 billion dollars without managing to find an effective remedy against Alzheimer's disease. An admission of powerlessness that we may...
GEORGES TRON - The mayor of Draveil is on trial for rape and sexual assault after complaints from two women. Georges Tron is defending, he swears to have only practiced foot massages, without sexual connotations. ...
the representatives of The hunters will be Monday at the department of ecological Transition. Invited by François de Rugy, they will have to make "commitments to strengthen security" to the minister, he said Friday on France...
The State plays in the cavalry with its finances? This is the question that is prompted to raise the reader to the last report of the association Fipeco ("public Finances and economy"), an information site hosted by...
This fall, two missions of space exploration devoted to the study of asteroids will enter into the heart of their subject : a japanese named Hayabusa2, and the other american named OSIRIS-REx. As the French and Germans,...
A new Focus was essential ? The question has crossed the minds of the leaders of Ford. The american brand, which is experiencing the worst difficulties to earn money in Europe, has flatly decided not to run in the...
The national Agency of sanitary security (Anses) has made its decision, Monday, November 5 : the pesticide méthamsodium are now banned in France. Their use by farmers and gardeners – they are effective to combat " bio-aggressors ", as...


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Scientists told about the routes of the spread of coronavirus

Scientists told about the routes of the spread of coronavirus

Scholars of China have come to the conclusion that the transfer of a new type of coronavirus COVID-2019 from person to person began in November or early December last year, and at the seafood market "huanan" in Wuhan, the virus got from another place.