the shooting of The video with the Smartphone, are the ghosts just like in the Photograph: on the one Hand, provided in the manufacturer's Apps are optimized for the respective Hardware, on the other hand, special photo...
Darmstadt is testing in the pedestrian a self-driving sweeper. The field trial was the first in the public space nationwide, said the representatives of the German city on Wednesday over the three-day trial, up to and including...
In the past week is about to happen to the world once again much in terms of regulation. In our regulatory response we look back at the week end and summarize what was thought about when, where,...
The order of the government to stay at home amid the pandemic isn’t easy to follow. With the number of people in the country who lost their jobs, people are eager to reopen the economy. Those who couldn’t take...
This fall, two missions of space exploration devoted to the study of asteroids will enter into the heart of their subject : a japanese named Hayabusa2, and the other american named OSIRIS-REx. As the French and Germans,...
The search engine giant Google has separated due to allegations of sexual harassment by another senior employee. How the Google parent company, Alphabet announced on Wednesday, have Rich DeVaul left the company without severance pay. ...
the representatives of The hunters will be Monday at the department of ecological Transition. Invited by François de Rugy, they will have to make "commitments to strengthen security" to the minister, he said Friday on France...
The State plays in the cavalry with its finances? This is the question that is prompted to raise the reader to the last report of the association Fipeco ("public Finances and economy"), an information site hosted by...
Fashion has often been recognized as a way of expressing who you are. Therefore, it has become a much easier way of being able to tell who a person is just by merely looking at them. Hence the statement,...
When you choose to follow a diet technique, you want to stick to it no matter what happens. The problem is that when you fall through the cracks for a day, it would be difficult for you to get...


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Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Press Secretary of the President of Russia said that persistent poverty is a serious problem. For the eradication of poverty focused almost all development programs