astronomers have observed in the center of the milky way for the first time matter close to the so-called point of no return - the point at which a black hole is matter with its immense mass...
The churches in Germany are not allowed to require that vacancies in the future of each applicant and each applicant has a religious affiliation. The Federal labour court decided in Erfurt. It is set in a landmark...
Contents 1 next to the keyboard 2, "walks Works alone" 3 "A single room can also make it quite lonely at the top" On a page to read celebrating The large office, as most know it today, this...
Contents 1 in The Morning determines the day 2 "This is magic" On a page San Francisco is still sleeping, as Melissa Blaustein – curly hair, a coral-coloured bathing suit – in a hurry shortly after seven o'clock...


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The Arabs admire Putin, who raised the military cap of honor

The Arabs admire Putin, who raised the military cap of honor

In the Arab world with numerous enthusiastic reviews actively spreading the video, shot personal photographer of the leader of Palestine. The footage shows how Abbas with Putin walk past the guard of honor. One flies a military cap. Russian President raises it and puts down the guard.