First day Each Thursday morning, I taught courses at the university. Students are also energetic, my professional life and love is listless, it makes me feel good to be in their contact. The caf falls...
A previously unknown dinosaur species have been discovered by researchers in southern Argentina. Paleontologists from Spain and Argentina, found in the vicinity of the Andes, the bones of a twelve-Meter-long animal, and two of the smaller specimens....
astronomers have observed in the center of the milky way for the first time matter close to the so-called point of no return - the point at which a black hole is matter with its immense mass...
The churches in Germany are not allowed to require that vacancies in the future of each applicant and each applicant has a religious affiliation. The Federal labour court decided in Erfurt. It is set in a landmark...
Contents 1 next to the keyboard 2, "walks Works alone" 3 "A single room can also make it quite lonely at the top" On a page to read celebrating The large office, as most know it today, this...
Contents 1 in The Morning determines the day 2 "This is magic" On a page San Francisco is still sleeping, as Melissa Blaustein – curly hair, a coral-coloured bathing suit – in a hurry shortly after seven o'clock...


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Top Tips for Organizing a Corporate Event

From business and product launches to employee conferences, there are many reasons why you might need to organize a corporate event. These are great...