North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister, Armin Laschet don’t want to apply under the present circumstances by the chair of the Federal CDU. Laschet confirmed media reports on the journalists in Düsseldorf. Accordingly, Laschet in a telephone conference circuit told the district chairmen that the planned separation of the Chancellery and the party leadership not to agree to the office of the government in the largest state, with the presidency of the government party in the Federal permanent.

How to, among other things, the world reported, looks Laschet, the coalition of the CDU and the FDP in NRW as a “counter-model” to the great coalition in Berlin – in content and style. This should not be a party office web at risk.

In the conference to have made a number of participants significantly that it is now only the party presidency. Laschet was to go to Berlin, if he had views on a new political project. It is a re-evaluation was “necessary” if it is no longer only the party presidency, but also to other Offices.

On Monday, after Angela Merkel had announced your resignation to a renewed candidacy for the CDU presidency, let Laschet his candidacy is still open. He think it is right, before you explain very quickly a candidate, to talk about some of the content, such as climate policy and the CDU as a people’s party, and to look at how you can keep the CDU and the CSU together better, had Laschet said. “It’s not about who calls it first ‘here’, but it comes to find these solutions for all.”

In the telephone conference, the Prime Minister argued that the CDU is to maintain to your course in the middle. “We need to keep the party together now”, said Laschet. In view of the “caesura after 18 years of presidency,” Merkel, think it necessary, “that the party could also come in all their breadth and depth to the word”. The conversations with the rest of the country Chairman, he will continue in the coming days. In addition, he wants to propose to the Executive Board meeting at the weekend that up to the party Congress in December regional conferences are held where the candidates could imagine.

Laschet had been touted as a possible successor to Merkel. The CDU Deputy is considered to be very successful, among other things, he had replaced in the past year, the SPD-led state government in NRW. In addition, he is an ideal candidate for a possible new Jamaica-coalition. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, the Laschet in NRW together has ruled, had said in an Interview, Laschet Registrar format.

in addition to several unknown candidates from the party base’s General Secretary have so far, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and Friedrich Merz announced their candidacies for the presidency – both come from laschet’s national Association NRW. While Kramp-Karrenbauer is regarded as a Confidant of Merkel, Spahn, and Merz, representative of the conservative party wing.

The candidacy of Merz, which was the beginning of the 2000s group, Chairman of the Union group, is attracting criticism. Merz is on the Board of the Fund company, Blackrock, and worked as a consultant for many financial companies.