Six weeks after the state elections, the CDU cleared the way for a black-green state government in North Rhine-Westphalia. At a state party conference in Bonn on Saturday, a large majority openly voted by show of hands to accept the coalition agreement. At a parallel advisory party conference of the NRW Greens in Bielefeld, the vote was still pending.

The CDU federal chairman Friedrich Merz had previously campaigned for the acceptance of the black-green coalition agreement for North Rhine-Westphalia. In a video greeting at the CDU state party conference in Bonn, Merz said on Saturday that the coalition agreement to be voted on was “a good basis for good cooperation and a good state government in Düsseldorf”. He would like the approval of the approximately 640 party delegates of the CDU.

If the North Rhine-Westphalia Greens also approve the work, Hendrik Wüst – currently still head of a black-yellow government – could be re-elected Prime Minister on Tuesday in the Düsseldorf state parliament with a black-green majority.

On May 15, the CDU emerged as the clear winner of the state elections in the most populous federal state with 35.7 percent. The Greens were able to almost triple their share of the vote compared to 2017 to 18.2 percent and ended up in third place behind the SPD (26.7). So far, NRW has been governed by the CDU and FDP. The Free Democrats had halved their election result to 5.9 percent. Black and yellow could therefore no longer govern.