CEC of Abkhazia will hold a re-election of the President

date of repeated elections of the President of Abkhazia will be announced on Monday, January 13. It is expected that this will be done in the first half of the day, said the head of the Central election Commission of the Republic Tamaz Gogia. Despite the fact that, by law, to choose the dates given for five days, Gogia said that “we are five days will not pull”. The decision of the Supreme court of the Republic on the appointment of new presidential elections are already enrolled in the CEC.

Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister of Abkhazia Valery Bganba has arrived at Parliament for a meeting with the opposition, headed by Aslan Bzhania. The meeting was held behind closed doors. However, Bzhania following the meeting said it was held “in an atmosphere of mutual understanding”. It is known that the parties discussed ways of stabilizing the situation in the country, said Bzhaniya RIA Novosti.

January 9 protesters in Sukhumi, demanding the resignation of President Raul Khadzhimba, broke into the presidential administration building. Khajimba gathered an emergency meeting of the security Council, after which did not rule out the imposition of emergency in the country. The Parliament of the Republic at the extraordinary session adopted an appeal to the President calling him to resign.

on Friday, the Supreme court of Abkhazia has cancelled the decision of the CEC of the country about the outcome of the presidential elections and decided to appoint re-elections. Thus, the trial chamber granted the appeal of opposition leader Alhasa of Kvitsinia the decision of the court of first instance recognized the legitimate results of the second round of presidential elections.