Center Chumakov reported on the work on a vaccine against coronavirus

Preclinical tests of a vaccine from COVID-19 can be completed by August of this year, these plans shared the General Director of the Center. Chumakov, corresponding member of RAS Aydar Ishmukhametov.

Federal scientific center for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov is working to create televizionnoi inactivated (with artificially weakened virus) vaccine. Ishmukhametov believes that working with the right vaccine, as long as there is no data about which fragments of the virus to use properly, besides the technology to create vaccines consist of whole have long been developed and successfully used in the last century.

Clinical trials of the vaccine must end in January 2021, Ishmukhametova quoted by TASS. Then it will be possible to organize and release of the vaccine production Centre Chumakov is.

Own the development of a vaccine now leading experts of SIC Gamalei. According to the Director of the centre of epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg, production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus perhaps as early as this fall.