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Central Russia is going to fall tropical storms

Central Russia is going to fall tropical storms

the torrential Rain on Tuesday will cover the Central areas of the country. According to forecasts, the weather turned bad in the afternoon. What regions would be at the very epicentre of the disaster? And will flood again whether Moscow?

On the Russian plain again today will be rain showers! The region is flooded by rains since the last week. And intensity of precipitation literally tropical. For example, in Moscow since the beginning of the month fell to 158 mm, this is more than two monthly norms. And a new record of the XXI century!

the Capital of the newly flooded this weekend, but on Monday, the disaster has given Muscovites some respite, and the area of bad weather has shifted to the South of the country and in Chernozem region. So, in the Bryansk region and in the Crimea on the eve sometimes in just 12 hours fell more than half of normal for June. In Orel – more than a third. The showers were accompanied by thunderstorms, hail, and wind.

But today the bad weather will return to Central areas. The fact that in this part of the country will break the frontal wave intensified in the region. Such eddies usually carry huge amounts of moisture. So that again will increase the rains. Sometimes the intensity can exceed 20-30 mm per day. If we talk about capital, it will be on the border of the area of extreme weather.

According to the model estimates, in the Northern part of the metropolis would be about 5 mm. But to the South, in New Moscow, Livni will be at least three times stronger. Will suffer even more Priokskiy districts of the Moscow region. There can result of over 25 mm, or more than a third of the June volume of moisture.

In the midst of the disaster will be Tula. The peak of the storm here will be released in the middle of the day: six hours will drop as much rain as usually falls in a whole week – 22 mm. I Note that the front wave moves very quickly. So the evening rains significantly weakened, and tomorrow night completely exhausted.

on Wednesday, the area of inclement weather will shift to Eastern areas of European Russia. Thunderstorms will fall on already Penza. In total for days in the city may fall 25 mm of precipitation. However, and here period of bad weather will be short-lived. On Thursday, the rain clouds dissipate.
This will contribute to the Scandinavian anticyclone, seized the North-Western regions of the country. Thanks to him, the air on the Russian plain will be good to warm up. And, for example, in Moscow during the week the temperature will rise again to plus 26-29 . A new refreshing rains are possible only on Saturday.

Text: Meteotest