Champagne from Zhirinovsky left the best to the ladies of

“Our dispute with Vladimir Zhirinovsky has acquired national importance. Zhirinovsky has sent the promised a case of champagne,” said Russian film Director and social activist Karen Shakhnazarov, the TV channel “Russia 1”. According to him, Zhirinovsky’s promises can be trusted, he always keeps his word.

“it is Already clear that champagne is best left to the ladies of “Mosfilm”. I don’t drink champagne. But thanks to Zhirinovsky,” — said Shakhnazarov. He reminded about the dispute that took place four years ago in the Studio of the “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”: “When trump became President, I said that in America would be an analogue of our restructuring and the outcome of all this is a big mess.” This view Zhirinovsky did not agree and it sent a case of champagne.

According to the Director, today’s events in the United States suggests that the vast Empire is crumbling. “The U.S. is now on the person all signs of the decline of the Empire. Crumbling ideology and, above all, destroyed the past,” said Shakhnazarov, Recalling that in the Soviet Union in the 90s was a similar situation.