Changes to the Constitution, Putin will consult the opinion of the citizens

Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a draft law on amendments to the Constitution. Regular indexation of pensions, a minimum wage not less than the subsistence minimum, no more than two presidential terms, a serious redistribution of powers between different branches of government. It’s all part of a large-scale change that will reconfigure the country’s political system and to increase the responsibility of those, from whose decision depends the fate of millions of Russians. But first the bill must be approved by the citizens.

If to be exact — 21 pages of text plus a detailed explanatory note. The draft law “On amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation” proposes to make changes directly to two dozen articles. Exactly what is suggested in his address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin.

the First changes are, without exception, all citizens of the country.

In the Constitution it is proposed to consolidate the provision that “the Minimum wage in the country — cannot be less than the subsistence minimum.”

it is Binding and indexing of pensions. That is, this will now not occur in a random mode from decree to decree, and automatically, to maintain a decent level.

“This is a historic decision because many of the issues related to state structure, the functioning of government institutions in the framework of the President’s proposals will involve the transfer of more power to the citizens of our country to ensure that they more effectively participate in government, in resolving issues that face our country” — describes the change of the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Key political amendment describes the requirements to the head of state. The President can be elected a citizen who has attained 35 years, constantly living in Russia not less than 25 years and had never informed citizenship or a residence permit of a foreign state.

And another VAgnoe limitation. People will not be able to hold the office of President more than two terms. At the same time, and it is fundamentally, from the text, removed the word “consecutive”. There are two time — period.

Stricter requirements, not only to the highest person in the state, but also to other government representative. A member of the Federation Council, for example, can now become strictly a citizen who has attained the age of 30 without foreign citizenship or residence permit. And the Deputy of the state Duma under the same strict restrictions only those who have already turned 21!

more authority to receive constitutional court. He will be able to conduct an additional examination of the existing laws.

“the Bill is passed, it is vetoed. Then the veto overridden, set the approximate task, the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, the representative of “United Russia” Pavel Krasheninnikov. – What to do now? Here can connect the constitutional court, which for some time might say, constitutional law or not.”

the Right to appoint the chairmen and judges of constitutional and Supreme court proposed to give the Federation Council on representation of the President.

the Individual’s role and status is to such a body as the state Council. However, his new powers will be prescribed separately.

the Candidate for Prime Minister, all will offer the state Duma, the head of state, but that’s part of his government’s new Prime Minister will be able to make right in its sole discretion. The President, apparently, will make it package. But then, the results of the work of the government, will have the right to make personnel decisions.

And there is one more important novel.

the Constitution introduces the principle according to which decisions of some international bodies if they contradict Russian law, are not binding in Russia.

“It’s no one planning to do Jogging, for some time. Thoughtful, responsible with the participation of experts of the working group. And, of course, all members will participate. This is a serious issue. It concerns a country!” — emphasizes the complexity and importance of the change process the Chairman of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

And many more discussed today vote on the proposed amendments, de jure it is not necessary, as the amendments do not affect the fundamental articles of the Constitution on the rights of the citizens. But the President, and it separately today, said his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said it is necessary to consult the views of the people. Therefore, the procedure of this vote also will be prescribed in the act.

the Presidential bill on amendments to the Constitution is already discussed in the relevant Committee of the Duma. It can be put to the vote of the chamber is approximately 22 or 23 January.