Chapter Sklifa told how to respond after the COVID-19

What are the methods help to recover patients who recover from coronavirus? How has the reception planned patients in major hospitals, focusing on emergency care? About the new rules of hospitalization in a pandemic and the work of doctors at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus in an exclusive interview with “Vesti” said the head of one of the leading mizzentop country the Institute of emergency care Sklifosovsky — Sergey Petrikov.

– Sergey, it becomes apparent that the situation stabiliziruemost. To the fore tasks that were not a priority. As for planned hospitalization, to what extent it now is and will anything change?

– We did not stop extra help, but we also continued to provide planning assistance to those patients who had a life-threatening condition. Now we are talking about the fact that in conditions when coronavirus infection began to decline, the need to expand the scope of planned interventions, and about this was discussed at a recent press conference.

– There were also talking about the fact that the conditions of reception, contents of patients will change.

– first of all this examination before the patient is admitted. This, of course, separate entrances, and observation Department, is the placement of patients in wards one at a time to minimize all possible risks. That is a spelled out chain of action that should be executed.

– do you Have a feeling that coronavirus patients became less?

– We can only talk about hospitals. And there is no sensation, and clear evidence that they became sick less.

– Their treatment methods are at all. Share how you put on the patients ‘ feet?

– In the Moscow healthcare treatments unified. If the patient is intensive care and he has breathing problems, it all depends on what level of oxidation of blood from him at the moment. Then it is, of course, raanimation treatment.

– That is, the standard form?

– Yes.

Tablets are used what then?

Is known for the treatment plan. It gidroksihlorohina, erythromycin, blockers interleukins.

– For those who have suffered a coronavirus and has recovered, do you have any recommendations? Maybe there is some special rehabilitation programs?

Is a lot of methods. COVID-19 generally, is that change blood clotting. This is a special passive kinesitherapy, when using special equipment, like a Bicycle that a man was constantly moving. Different breathing exercises. This helps to prevent the development of thrombosis in the veins of the lower extremities. The blood moves through the legs, much less complications.

– Came cure people home. What you can advise?

– First of all is breathing exercises. I know that we are preparing guidelines in physical therapy and rehabilitation at home.

– Your employees have been tested for antibodies?

– Always pass. Not once.

– What are the results?

I was recently passed on antibodies.

– how?

– All negative — immunoglobulins M and G. But I’m both handed and PCR, of course. But speaking offhand, somewhere in the 10-15 percent of employees have immunoglobulin G.

– Thank you very much for your work. Strength to you and your health.