The district court in Frankfurt am Main has admitted the corruption charge against the controversial Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) to the main hearing. Feldmann has to answer for the accusation of accepting benefits from October 18th, as the court announced on Wednesday. The process begins even before Feldmann announces his resignation for the end of January. Six days of negotiations were scheduled.

The allegations revolve around a scandal surrounding Feldmann’s partner at the time and her employment with the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO). The woman is said to have been promised a job as a day-care center manager, a salary above the standard pay scale and a company car without any objective reason.

This is said to have happened because of Feldmann’s official position and with his knowledge. In addition, the AWO is said to have supported him in 2018 by raising donations. In return, he is said to have agreed with the AWO manager at the time to take the interests of the social association into account in a benevolent manner when carrying out his duties.